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The Father Spirit Part 2

Editors Office 6/22/2014

The Father Spirit Part 2

By Prophet Vanto

Good morning to you once more. The Father Spirit we said; is the Spirit that brings order to all Kingdoms in the Universe as God the Father has ordained them. This is the Spirit that commands the Earth and its inhabitants to be fruitful and multiply. This is the Spirit that arrays Kingdoms of every species here on earth in the order of Families. The Father Spirit is in the DNA of everything in this earth as it is the Spirit of Life. This DNA is carried within the seeds that have been planted in the womb of this earth which is the topsoil. Every seed is divine for all life on this earth is the Life of the Father. The soil has become the Jacket and Womb of all seed that the Father has planted to this earth. He is the Head and the Father to this Earth as He is the Carrier of Seed Life that He brought to every square inch of this earth. He has imparted the Father Spirit to His Sons on Earth who will maintain the Kingdom order and instruction to all living that is on this earth. Fathers therefore are matured Sons of God that will ensure that all Seed on this Earth obeys the instruction of Fruitfulness and Multiplication. It is for this reason the creation is groaning yearning for the manifestation of the sons of God (Romans 8:19). The TOPSOIL that carries the SEEDS OF LIFE is crying for the manifestation of Sons who will guard the seed. Africa's TOPSOIL which is the womb of Life in the continent has been eroded by all those irresponsible inhabitants who do not carry the father spirit in them.

We need to be concerned about the Kingdom Order of the Next Generation of every life here on earth. Father Spirit concerns itself with the Sustain ability of all life here on earth. The Father Spirit begins with the Family of Human beings to first bring Order in this family.

 The Adamic Family is the one He has given the instruction to be fruitful and multiply and also become His steward for all His property that carries His Life which has Fruitfulness and Multiplication.

 When the Disorderly Life Virus called Satan entered here on earth he had to first create Disorderly Multiplication in Man so that all creation will follow suit. Satan and his angels were Kicked out of the Kingdom Order (Father Spirit Atmosphere) in Higher Heavens and dwelt in Lower Heavens of Disorder hence the Orphan Spirit because of being separated from the Father Spirit of Higher Heavens. The earth was cursed because of man; which means that Man carried this Virus first and has transferred it to the whole earth. Man begun to distort all seed planted in this earth. He first distorted his own seed and removed it from the Family Order of God. Family; Clan; Tribe and Nation ceased to be according to God's plan because Man began to pass the seed from his loins outside the sanctity of Marriage as God has instructed.

Generations that grew became fatherless and thus the Order of the Kingdom that preserves and sustains the Next Generation was destroyed. All the laws of life that were formerly kept from family institutions beginning from Adam had to be carried by external institutions. All life principle that comes from the Father Spirit was designed to dwell in Family Institution of every species so as to keep the Order of Fruitfulness and Multiplication. The Orphan Spirit was therefore born where all laws are kept by external institutions outside Family Structures. Democracy is an outcome of External Structures of Orphan Spirit that carries law. Though multiplication continued from planting of seed but there was no more fruitfulness. Churches today multiply in this spirit for the Orphan Spirit is the Greed that chases multiplication outside Father and Family Structure. Virus therefore is Life on the Loose that creates death everywhere. Sonship is therefore a lifestyle that returns all mankind back to family structure of the Kingdom Order as ordained by God.


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  1. Amen papa..may i be a vessel of change in my generation and the next, and grow to be family conscious according to the Heavenly Pattern that God gave us.