Monday, June 23, 2014

The Father Spirit 3 - Seedship

Editors Office 6/23/2014

The Father Spirit Part 3

Good day again.

It is a wonderful thing to have the Word preached and taught in our midst. We have seen the basic principles underlying the Father Spirit. We have also seen the spirit of death that has separated all kingdoms of species with the Father Spirit.

 Today we know that the earth is full of seeds that carry the Life of God. There is no other life except it be his Life alone. In Him we live and move and have our being. Seed life outside Fatherhood is meaningless. Many have tried to manipulate seed life outside the Father and Family principles. We have gone out in our perversion as humans to go plant seed wherever we wanted. Any seed; be it the seed in our loins or the seed in our hand has destination and only the Father Spirit will instruct where it needs to be planted. 
Seed belongs to the Father; all seed belongs to the Father. I do not want to equate seed that carries human life and seed that carry plant life; but all this life carried by these seeds have principles set by the Father. He set principles for these seeds in how they must be planted and when they need to be planted. 
Seasons have been set; places have been allocated even the pattern of planting the seeds have been given. Only those with Father Spirit will understand the sacredness of any seed in its own place. The first instruction given to mankind has to do with Seed. Man has been instructed to be Fruitful and Multiply. This Fruitfulness and Multiplication will need a seed in his loins and in his hand. This seed in his loins and in his hand has the Life of the Father.

 All life is sacred before God that is why we were asked not to eat the blood for life is in the blood. The rules of slaughtering livestock had nothing to do with tradition or animal worship; they were given so that all life has to be appreciated as it comes from God. All Life begins in Seed and Fathers have to understand the Seed. Therefore Sonship is primarily the relationship between the Father and Son ensuring the Fruitfulness and Multiplication of all seed taught to the next generation. 

Seedship as I coin it is the beginning of Sonship. The Son of God came down explaining this mystery of Seed. Matthew 13:24 New International Version Jesus told them another parable: "The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. Now seed is the beginning of all life from the Father. This is not an old fashioned parable; the scriptures were spoken as timeless parables of an eternal Christ Mind. Therefore Seed was Seed then as it is still Seed now. The Kingdom is likened to a man (Father) SOWING SEED. The Kingdom is a forever Fruitful and Multiplying place. Fathers and Sons are custodians of a forever Fruitful and Multiplying Heaven/Earth. I have taught in one book how the Son is the place where Heaven and Earth meets. For Son is the Heir of the Kingdom. The Fathers and Sons therefore have to understand Seed and all principles that are carried by a Seed. Sonship is Seedship.


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