Monday, April 21, 2014


After four sessions of teaching about passover at conference I came home and wrote a few things on facebook. I also had a wonderful opportunity to hear one of my brother in Christ preach about Passover and Apostolic duties; Apostle Hosea Nkoana. He invited me in the Conference in his church Word Alive Bible Church.
He taught about the Relational Church of the Apostolic Community and I was blessed. He then touched a subject I never bothered to research about a small biscuit that  goes with wine which is the only tool left in our hands to celebrate Passover! Instantly I remembered that we are left with a problem.

How can it be possible that we are left with the above picture in our churches in Africa instead of the picture below:

Where did we go wrong in our understanding of a Passover if we managed to trade our lands for a biscuit and a little glass of wine? The only land that we own in Africa is the one shown below:

This has truly troubled me as I did the four sessions in the Passover as I taught on my book; Passover and Covenant Fathers.

I also noticed that along with the biscuit and wine we have been left with a different "Cross" in Africa. While we preached the Cross of Calvary we have seen more visibly throughout our continent the cross below:


I am not proud of the facebook statuses which I wrote when I returned:

Africa remove your eyes on the Red Cross and look at the Cross of Calvary. You have celebrated your Passover for 40 years but you don't seem to arrive in Canaan. Though more miracles were in the Wilderness but without the Land and the Son Passover is incomplete. Nothing is passing over to you. You seem to come out of Passover as stronger slaves than before. Let the Son Rise today in you. Let this not be a resurrection of slave in Africa again.

Then this message followed:

Today Africa has the highest Church Attendance in the World coming to celebrate Resurrection; yet they can't wait until it is tuesday to write to IMF and beg for money. They have the highest number of miracles and minerals yet they are the biggest beggars. What is Resurrection to you? How do you inteprete Passover when even your land is refusing to give fruit to you. You have planted the blood of your brother in the land more than any nation when you were supposed to plant the Canaan Seed. Even when you grab back your land it refuses to yield produce because of the blood of your brother. What is Passover to you? What is Resurrection to you?

The following was my last message:

It is time Prophets truly lament for Africa; no nation in the world that has properly celebrated Passover has not testified about their houses being delivered and lands returning to them. Only Africans are coming to their Passovers being Fatherless and Landless. Passover is the First duty of a Father and the First Experience of a Son to come and pledge that they will take care of the Land that God has given them. The African has been left with a small buscuit and a little cup of juice to celebrate Passover while other nations celebrate the return of their families and wealth as a nation. How will you understand the Holy Nation birthed on the Cross if you have failed to understand your own African Nation that depends on Red Cross?

But the Passover was not without answers; for the link below became my new commitment for PASSOVER 2015

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Passover in Africa

Random Pictures Gallery
Lambs raised at Braambos

Today I will be conducting two sessions on Passover and Covenant Fathers at Braambos Camp a Christian Camp at the foot of Magaliesburg just about 5 km from Hartebeespoort Dam in the North West Province here in South Africa.

Braambos Camp is an example of a generation of fathers who have obeyed two instructions of Passover. During the Passover Celebration there were two things to bring to the temple that were celebrated.

The first thing fathers had to bring before God was Sons; they were celebrating Sons who were once slaves in Egypt. These sons were the next generation of fathers that were going to continue to teach their sons how to become a Holy Nation as it was commanded to Abraham. Without sons there is no passover to celebrate.
The Hartebeespoort Dam just less than 5km from our passover service
Passover is a fathering duty and a sonship experience. Circumcision Covenant wih Abraham was the birth of sonship but passover is a rebirth of sonship. For many years here in Braambos Camp Christian Fathers and Educators have been bringing Sons which is a spiritual word that means the Next Generation to teach them concerning the ways of life they have to follow.
Random Pictures Gallery
fireplace at Braambos Camp
Today Africa needs Fathers who will remember their first Passover duty which is to bring Sons before God. For Africa to rise again we need fathers who will selflessly turn their hearts to children. Any poor country is a reflection of fathers who have neglected to do their fathering duty and Africa has been in the lead among the Fatherless Societies and this has become the new culture of raising a fatherless Society. Today it is cool to be without a Father figure and it is cool not to to the fathering duties. Africa here is Passover let Fathers remember their Fathering duties and let Sons celebrate their sonship experience. Jesus on the Cross was on a mission of bringing sons to His Father and we need fathers who will be ready to bleed Wisdom to the next generation here in Africa.

more captions over hartebeesport dam
The second thing Fathers had to bring to Passover was Land. They were celebrating Sons and Land. The were laws given on how to raise sons and how to care for the land. These are the only two responsibilities of a father. African fathers have become strangers to sons as well as to land. You do not relate with land by just grabbing it from your brother; you relate with land by doing on it what God has commanded you to do to land. Land is alive and we have been made from the dust of the land. When you reject land no matter how many lands you grab you shall not see its produce.
Braambos Camp has cared for the Land over many years and have given the Land to the Temple. They have allowed their land to be the place of worship for Christians from all over the country. They have truly lived the Passover duties and experiences.
On a rainy thunderous day
How did the African lose the relationship with the land? The bible states it clearly that if your land becomes a place where you spill the blood of your brother you shall lose that land. For as long as we continue to kill one another we shall become foreigners on our own land. This is a spiritual principle and it has nothing to do with racism. Stop accusing other races for killing your sons. 
View from above
Let the fathers of Africa rise to take responsibility to bring the Sons and he Land to the Temple. We need the Cross of Calvary as the cure of Africa and Africa has depended more on the Red Cross than on the Cross of the Passover Lamb Jesus Christ.

If you are not in Braambos today with me JOIN ME ONLINE as I will be doing two sessions on Passover and Covenant Sons.

Happy Passover

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Passover Story from Master to Slave

The story of Passover is a Permanent Ordinance conveyed by Fathers to Sons from generation to generation. It does not matter whether you look at the story from the Cross or from the night of Passover in Egypt.

It is the same story with no variations. It is the story of a Holy Nation of Fathers and Sons who has to observe circumcision before the Ordinance. Whether you look at the Holy Nation's birth from Egypt or from the Cross; the story is the same.

The story must be kept Holy and Pure with no mixed messages.

What if Joshua entered the Land and did not utterly destroy those in the land as instructed? The story was going to change from that told by Fathers to Sons as that told by Masters to Slaves that have been conquered in the land.

How did the Missionary tell the story to the colonized lands? How did the invading powerful companies tell the story to the invaded peoples of the land? As sensitive as this may sound; this story is better told by Fathers to Sons. It is not a fair story for there is nothing intended to be fair in the spirit world. Curses are not fair and blessings are not fair either.

The Passover story is not meant to be accomodating; but it is about a Nation; whether you look at it in the Cross in spiritual terms or on the ground in physical reality; a Nation that was transferred from Slavery to Sonship.

A democratic eye will never tell the story of passover well. This is  Kingdom story. Not a Master to Slave story but  a Father to Son story. IN CHRIST IS A PLACE WHERE FATHER AND SON DWELLS.


Monday, April 14, 2014

From DOS to WINDOWS of Passover

Grace to you

Our growth and migration from DOS (Disk Operating System) to WINDOWS is such a giant leap in terms of programmes and software that we use today.

There has been a great progress in business processes and the discovery of WINDOWS has become foundation for many discoveries that were just waiting for WINDOWS to show up.

When I met my father Apostle Ricci Hausley; he removed me from the DOS Christianity to WINDOWS. And as a result more revelation came to my life as new programmes and software came into my life.

Passover is a Process to return you to the Original and Final Operating system called SONSHIP and until you arrive in this operating system you will not burst through to other forms of revelation of PASSOVER.



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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Decoding the Passover

Did we understand passover correctly?

Last year I wrote a book Passover and Covenant Fathers and there was fresh out-pour of information. As a Prophetic Scribe I have learnt to step aside when I write what the Mind of God has to say.

I discovered that we have missed the purpose of Passover as well as the service that it is meant to minister in our life every year we perform it.

I also noticed that Passover has to be celebrated by a certain kind of people as it is designed to celebrate that very identity as well as its destiny. We have therefore celebrated Passover outside this Identity and by the grace of God I met a man who became my spiritual father who poured on me this Identity.

I have since had an online conference on passover which I do every year. I will also encourage you to register in this conference. I desire to prepare you for the celebration of passover so that you will celebrate it worthily from now henceforth.

After you have registered please go to the New Earth Ministries Bookstore and be part of the wonderful revelation that we have seen concerning the Passover.

We desire that you shall understand Passover and well as the Identity you need to carry when celebrating the passover. Go find the destiny of the passover people together with us. I have given you all the tools you need to JOIN US FOR 2014 PASSOVER ONLINE CONFERENCE.

Prophet Vanto Vanto