Monday, April 21, 2014


After four sessions of teaching about passover at conference I came home and wrote a few things on facebook. I also had a wonderful opportunity to hear one of my brother in Christ preach about Passover and Apostolic duties; Apostle Hosea Nkoana. He invited me in the Conference in his church Word Alive Bible Church.
He taught about the Relational Church of the Apostolic Community and I was blessed. He then touched a subject I never bothered to research about a small biscuit that  goes with wine which is the only tool left in our hands to celebrate Passover! Instantly I remembered that we are left with a problem.

How can it be possible that we are left with the above picture in our churches in Africa instead of the picture below:

Where did we go wrong in our understanding of a Passover if we managed to trade our lands for a biscuit and a little glass of wine? The only land that we own in Africa is the one shown below:

This has truly troubled me as I did the four sessions in the Passover as I taught on my book; Passover and Covenant Fathers.

I also noticed that along with the biscuit and wine we have been left with a different "Cross" in Africa. While we preached the Cross of Calvary we have seen more visibly throughout our continent the cross below:


I am not proud of the facebook statuses which I wrote when I returned:

Africa remove your eyes on the Red Cross and look at the Cross of Calvary. You have celebrated your Passover for 40 years but you don't seem to arrive in Canaan. Though more miracles were in the Wilderness but without the Land and the Son Passover is incomplete. Nothing is passing over to you. You seem to come out of Passover as stronger slaves than before. Let the Son Rise today in you. Let this not be a resurrection of slave in Africa again.

Then this message followed:

Today Africa has the highest Church Attendance in the World coming to celebrate Resurrection; yet they can't wait until it is tuesday to write to IMF and beg for money. They have the highest number of miracles and minerals yet they are the biggest beggars. What is Resurrection to you? How do you inteprete Passover when even your land is refusing to give fruit to you. You have planted the blood of your brother in the land more than any nation when you were supposed to plant the Canaan Seed. Even when you grab back your land it refuses to yield produce because of the blood of your brother. What is Passover to you? What is Resurrection to you?

The following was my last message:

It is time Prophets truly lament for Africa; no nation in the world that has properly celebrated Passover has not testified about their houses being delivered and lands returning to them. Only Africans are coming to their Passovers being Fatherless and Landless. Passover is the First duty of a Father and the First Experience of a Son to come and pledge that they will take care of the Land that God has given them. The African has been left with a small buscuit and a little cup of juice to celebrate Passover while other nations celebrate the return of their families and wealth as a nation. How will you understand the Holy Nation birthed on the Cross if you have failed to understand your own African Nation that depends on Red Cross?

But the Passover was not without answers; for the link below became my new commitment for PASSOVER 2015

Click the link above and help me for 2015 Passover


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    1. Bless you SJ we are responding to the coming blessing in our continent.

  2. This is life changing Prophet Vanto Vanto it is my prayer that it reaches the masses.

  3. Bless you Cecilia woman of God. We believe this is time for Africa to hear God differently.